Mikkel Willumsen

Renown for his innovative and tactical designs, Mikkel Willumsen has been a custom knifemaker for the past 20 years specializing in folders, fixed blades, balisongs and chef knives.  His company, Urban Tactical, is located in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark. He's well trained and a former teacher in metal and woodwork, and decided after graduation that knifemaking was his calling. The name Urban Tactical truly describes the knives' design which is rooted in functionality and quality; mixing classical designs with modern tactics as well as self defense. These are amazing pieces of edged art he's created here and we're very pleased to be working with him.

Jim Skelton -- "Always thinking outside of the box, Mikkel creates some of the most unique, and wicked knives availble today. i still feel that in comparison to other makers working at his level, he brings an affordable price to his knives."

Lansky Sharpernes -- "Mikkel Willumsen has gained notoriety worldwide for his innovative and gritty Urban Tactical designs. By bringing his talents and experience to Lansky, you can expect the functionally modern aesthetics that define his work, combined with Lansky Sharpeners’ unwavering dedication to quality."

Clint Kadel, CEO at United® Cutlery -- "We are thrilled to partner with Mikkel Willumsen.  Mikkel is a well respected designer with years of experience. We are very excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with Mikkel."